Windows 10 experiencing BSOD due to Intel graphics on ASRock Vision 3D

The problem with this PC is that uses Lucid Virtu technology as one of its basic features. This technology is only supported in Windows 7, and therefore, there are no drivers available for other versions of Windows. To fix the BSOD [blue screen of death] issue when Windows 10 tries to update the Intel graphics drivers, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Go to the BIOS by pressing F2
  • Go to the hardware configuration
  • Click on North Bridge Configuration
  • Disable the Quick Sync option (which by default is enabled)
  • Save your changes and restart your PC

Once you’ve done that you’ll now be able to use Windows 10 or any other Windows besides Windows 7 on your ASRock Vision 3D. You will no longer receive a blue screen of death for updating Intel graphics which results with the error SYSTEM THREAD NOT HANDLED EXCEPTION for the driver igdkmd64.sys

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