Author: ZeroInfinite

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.1

    Hi all, Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.1 has been released with improved Win64 support for Delphi and new security optimisations for the EXE output:

  • Windows Phone and Windows development…

    Ever since Microsoft decided to retire Windows Phone, I have stopped developing software for the Windows Platform. With the release of Visual Studio 2022, UWP (Universal Windows Platform) seems to be an afterthought. As of now, I believe all the Windows Phone and Windows/Microsoft Store apps have been pulled by Microsoft because I have not […]

  • My code vault

    Hi all, I have spent some time cleaning up the many version control systems where I have been hosting my samples, projects, Proof-of-Concepts, experiments, etc… into a single consolidated code vault. After Microsoft decided to retire CodePlex, I have chosen GitLab over Azure DevOps, GitHub, BitBucket and CodeCommit. Ideally, I would like to host on […]

  • RAD Studio 11 is here

    Idera and Embarcadero have finally released RAD Studio 11. Please see for more information.

  • Error: cannot load data from the server: “RadStudio.json” metadata file does not exist for RAD Studio 10.4

    Error: cannot load data from the server: “RadStudio.json” metadata file does not exist Whenever you see this error, run the following command: GetItCmd.exe -c=useonline From the RAD Studio Command Prompt after you have changed the directory to C:\Programme Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\bin Source:

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4.1 released

    Looks like a new update for my favourite development environment has been released with lots of improvements. Please visit: for more information.

  • Evaluating AWS

    I’ve been a long time user of Microsoft products and therefore I naturally gravitated towards Azure. Recently, I’ve been using AWS and have found it to be a much better platform than Azure. I’m therefore evaluating the effort involved in migrating my blog to AWS.

  • This site is back and now hosted on Microsoft Azure

    The site has been down for over a year and I’ve not had the time to fix it. Since then, the site has been rebuilt without the loss of any content and it is now hosted on Microsoft Azure. Expect more posts. 🙂

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo has been released

    Hi everyone, Embarcadero have now released RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo for Windows with improved support for Windows 10 and centennial using VLC. For more information on new features of RAD Studio, please visit The toolset and IDE is now available to download from

  • Windows 10 experiencing BSOD due to Intel graphics on ASRock Vision 3D

    The problem with this PC is that uses Lucid Virtu technology as one of its basic features. This technology is only supported in Windows 7, and therefore, there are no drivers available for other versions of Windows. To fix the BSOD [blue screen of death] issue when Windows 10 tries to update the Intel graphics […]