Code vaults

I used to host code on Azure DevOps, CodePlex and GitHub but have since been removed because they’re owned by Microsoft, I’ve been slowly moving away from Microsoft and their products as much as possible. For this reason, those code vaults are no longer available and have been retired. Besides my private TFVC server, GitLab hosts all of my code which I’ve decided to move to GitLab from my private TFVC server when it has helped businesses in solving their problems.

Hi there,

I’ve currently made some of my experimental code / Proof of Concept (POC) code available to the public domain. They are located at:

I will continue to push changes and updates to the source code hosted on my private TFVC Source Control (which used to be CodePlex but now they’re hosted on Azure DevOps Server) as they have proven to be useful during my roles at many organisations.

Please note that Git is painful and sloppy in comparison to TFVC, and therefore all of my work is done in a private TFVC repository before some of them are published to GitLab.

Retired code vaults: